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CONFERENCING SUITE - 2560 Sq/m parcel



We can provide the following:


1. Exclusive use of the conferencing parcel, with exclusive access to only the group you wish, i.e. your own group.

2. Unique land video url.

3. Unique land music url.

4. Scipting and object building can be switched on just for your group.

5. Large TV screen with controls for switching between different urls.

6. Streaming audio server availability for broadcasting your own voice into the conference area. Username/password and IP supplied.


Rates for Conference Suite


$15 USD per 24 hour session, payment through paypal.


1 week = $105 USD


These rates are based on the conference area alone.


WHOLE ISLAND 65000 Sq/m parcel


Should you wish to book the COMPLETE island we can offer that at a discounted rate to you for:


$199 USD per week, which includes all of the above options listed.


The whole island really is an incredible benefit for your students to "explore" SL as an immersive environment.


Options (these can be added to your package)


a) In-world event management and promotion (this will see us creating networked ads and promotion for your conferences. $45 USD

b) Podcast e-interview about your educational project, a sponsored podcast. (this is streamed on our high traffic internet site) $60 USD

c) Training in-world for you to stream your voice and use the software or any other technologies $25 USD/hour.

d) Advisor and help teleporting in of participants from help island to private island ($25USD /hour)

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