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A community for sharing information concerning immersive new-media



What is the ACHUB?



The ACHUB is a not for profit growing community interested in sharing educational experiences with new forms of immersive and social media such as webcasting, blogging, twitter, secondlife, streaming video/audio, machinima, myspace, linkedin, advertising, branding, web dev, etc.




  • Provide a forum for the networking of colleagues and peers who have dedicated their careers to new-media, with a goal of representing a large and diverse community of interests and experience.

  • Facilitate information exchange on issues that relate to creative business, technology embracing, advertising, new-media skills training and industry related education.

  • Provide a platform for: industry events, seminars, web 2.0 information exchange, web-based information outlets and professional special interest groups dedicated to specific skills and areas of expertise.



The ACHUB is about YOU and your experiences, so please feel free to get involved in any capacity you desire.



The Password for this wiki is: hubhub







Upcoming ACHUBS 07



Feb 1, 08 -  Swimwear In The Snow




Oct  ACHUB MediaCampBucks07 UK


Aug 3, 4 07 Summer of Love Music Festival


June 1  07 ACHUB SL Charity Conference 


May 21 07 People's Burn Foundation Focus Group


March 16, 17 & 18 07 ACHUB Spring-Festival-07



Dec 06 ACHUB Audio SIM Opening SL 


Dec 06 ACHUB SLED-UK-educators-group





If you're interested in education, new-media, social networking, enjoy music, perform music, podcast, blog, vlog, twitter, operate in secondlife, enjoy meeting new people, then please join us - and bring a friend or colleague.





RESOURCES - check here to see the ACHUB Founders and Central Team, and also to see if there any opportunities you might be able to get involved with.












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