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Spring Festival of Art & Music


March 16, 17 & 18 ACHUB




What is this?


The big three day spring festival on the island of AUDIO!!


Check here to get the latest news and information as we build towards this great event, you can be sure this is gonna be one big old bash!!


Event organisers






  1. Friday - Edu Conferences


06:00 * ACHUB Gaming & Learning meeting


10:00 * Exploring Opportunities in Second Life for Health Education and Medical Training, Pauline Woolley & Dr Damion Young, University of Oxford


13:00 * Hilary Mason presents the InfoFez concept


14:00 * Jeremy-Koester Mathematics in the Teen Grid


15:00 * Barbie with Brains: The Second Life of a First Life Nerd, Beth Ritter-Guth (SL: Desideria Stockton)



  1. Saturday - Live Music


01:00 Fancy Dress Party "Teachers & Students" HUB CLUB


10:00 - rokkemasky Rolls


11:30 - kelvinblue Oh 


14:00 - Mel Cheeky


17:00 - Rich Desoto - Rich's SL Schedule and Blog


18:00 - JueL Resistance - Check out her website


19:00 - Foxyflwr Cure


20:00 - Greatful Striker




  1. Sunday - Art

Josina Burgess


Chance Obviate

DaSaved Eros

13:00 -Stuart Warf will be hosting Take It Or Leave It




Meetings about the event


The Management team will be meeting every sunday around 12:30 SL time in the Performance space.


Pop along if you want to get involved and tell us what you have.


Maybe you are a musician, artist or Live DJ maybe you can help in and around the space for this wonderful 3 day festival.


Who When I can meet


audio Zenith Sundays 12:30
Julie Saturday, 5pm
Lou Sunday, 4pm-8pm
Noise Sunday, 4pm-8pm





Resources Needed Human


  • Live Musicians (all levels of experience)
  • Live DJs (all styles)
  • Artists (digital art)
  • Sculptures (no scripts)
  • Educators for delivering lectures
  • Dancers (party in the evening)
  • Photographers
  • Poets
  • Film crew


Resources Needed Physical


  • Ad spaces in SL
  • Blog entries in RL
  • Reporters


Resources Aquired SL



Resources Aquired RL



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